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Busied Themselves With an Online Business

online business program
Long time no post updates on his Baru Tahu Blog. A little lazy and busy myself with some online business programs :D . Yes, finally this blog should be abandoned and changed the concept. Originally, this blog discusses computer tips. Now, was never again discussed the problem of computers, software and technology. It contained more info about job openings. Still, there are visiting this ugly blog :D .

Busied themselves with an online business program.
There are so many online business programs at this time. Adsense is one online business program that I always wanted to follow. So difficult to get a approve status of Google Adsense. Until it occurred to hire the services of Google Adsense-making. But fortunately, it was not my doing. I tried myself to get a approve status of Google Adsense. Thank God, finally my struggle to join Google adsense accepted.

Currently, the possibility to be accepted by Google Adsense more difficult. I remember when I signed up for the second time. The process to be accepted by Adsense, more than a month. Well, recently I get the information to get a google adsense account quickly is to join the website that has teamed up with Google Adsense. Please search. Some of these websites are proven. I've tried to make adsense account for my brother through the website which has been working closely with Adsense. Result, the account my brother was only four days of receipt. Obviously, we must follow the procedures and requirements of the website to revenue sharing with our nature, through an online business program, Adsense.

That is one program that I run an online business today, and I really liked it. Although have many time-consuming, mind and strength (Because it was still new). In between I occupy myself with online business programs, I am very pleased to see that there are photos on the internet. Especially photos of toddlers and infants. Very funny, make your future baby :D. Well, for those of you who like playing games, there is one of my favorite online game. The name of the game is monkey defense. Games with flash animation. Please try, rather to eliminate saturation due to busy with online activities.

Make friends and gentlemen, thank you for visiting this blog.

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Hai all, Welcome to Baru Tahu. This Blog Written in indonesian Languange and English next time, about Internet News And all Jobs Vacancy.


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  1. Dunia Bayi says:

    This is my lucky day by reading your article .. I repeatedly asked google adsense and have never accepted and I am very curious .. if you are willing to tell you the steps to get in the google adsense I would be very grateful


  2. I am very interested in your articles and I really hope that you can share your tricks to be acceptable in google adsense

  3. Putra says:

    I am also interested and hope you will share them to me or send it to email. thanks


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