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RAID Calculator to Optimize Hard Disk Configuration

RAID Calculator to Optimize Hard Disk Configuration
Currently, hard disk storage media to be very fast and rising. Growing even faster, because we need to store files such as video data and some media files which size larger, this storage media also have a variety of types, which have reached magnetic 10k rpm, there is a solid state memory, which allows writing faster data.

In the Hard Disk, there is technology called RAID. What is RAID ?. RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks is a technology in computer data storage used to implement fault tolerance features on a computer storage medium (hard disk) with the use of redundancy (buildup) of data, either by using the software, and other units separate hardware RAID. Then, how many types of RAID?. Since it was first introduced, the RAID is divided into several schemes. Here is a reference type of the current RAID: RAID 0 (Stripe Set), RAID 1 (Mirror), RAID 5 (Stripe Set with Parity), RAID 6 (Mirror of Stripes) and RAID 1 +0 (Stripe Set with Double Parity ).

For the purposes of the hard disk on your computer, buy a hard disk with high-speed RAID features. Previously, it would be better if you take into account the purposes of the proper RAID configuration, so that setting RAID can truly optimal. For the purpose of calculating the RAID, you can use the Free RAID Calculator too on the internet to know configuration and RAID levels.

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