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Toyota Camry Hybrid 2011 Specifications

Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2011 Specifications. The Camry’s distinctive tech specs are what really set it apart. Its 2.4-litre, 4-cylinder engine operates on the Atkinson cycle and not the Otto cycle common to all normal gas engines today. It’s coupled with a high-torque electric motor/generator hooked up to an HV nickel-metal hydride battery. This duo can produce up to 187 hp, while the classic 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder mill powering the other Camrys only generates 169 hp.

mobil keluarga ideal terbaik indonesiaThis visual differentiation isn’t exclusive to Toyota, though. Hyundai also chose to set its Sonata Hybrid apart from the two other new versions introduced this year. Ford decided to go the other way, however, maintaining the status quo on its Fusion Hybrid, the other direct competitor of the Camry that we put to the test. So the Camry Hybrid is now recognizable by its original, more expressive grille, its exclusive wheels and rear bumper and its LED tail lamps. Which is good, as there are millions of Camrys cruising all over North America. ( Source : auto123 ) . To us who have minimal funds, may try Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia with an economical price but have been using the latest technology.

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