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Comfort and Softness of Pashmina

Comfort and softness of Pashmina. If you do not already know, is a kind of Pashmina Wool fabrics are very soft. Comfort and softness of Pashmina is very famous in the fashion world. Pashmina, especially Shawl Pashmina material from fibers prepared from sheep beard. Sheep are not arbitrary, namely sheep that live in the Himalayas, specifically in the area called Ladakh.

pure Pashmina

Woven from the original cloth or Pashminas Shawls is made through a manual process, ranging from sheep beard sweeping, sorting, spinning, weaving, drying, until the stitching. In this way, the resulting color is limited. However, with the higher marketing pashmina around the world, imitation goods also appear. In fact, the fabric is not made ​​from the fiber beard of sheep known as Pashmina. This is damaging the image of Pashmina.


Well, If you are looking for a genuine Pashmina Fabrics, At Spencer's Pashmina, you will find the most exclusive and eclectic collection of Pashmina Shawls, Wraps, scarves, stoles, and throws. The pashmina varieties include pure, silk, ring, aristocrat, ombre, embroidered, beaded, paisley, two tone reversible, jacquard, jamawar and printed pashminas. A very interesting, Spencer's Pashmina guarantee 100% refund if the product does not comply with our wishes.

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