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Lowongan Kerja ZTE-IT TELKOM Asian Pacific, Februari 2010

Engineer Development Program (EDP) is one of ZTE-IT TELKOM Asian Pacific R&D and Training Center new program. This program is intended for whom want to develop their Telecommunication Competence and Career. This training is included theoretical part and also practical part as an integral requirement to be implemented in the Telecommunication Field as an NGN Engineer.

As we know, NGN is the key for Existing Fix Network to improve it's value for the customer. Now operator should implement NGN to make the more usage of Existing Fix Network which already spent more for infestation from operator view. MSAG is Multi-Service Access Gateway as a one important part in NGN. MSAG is the gateway for Existing Fix Network (PSTN) cable to connect to the IP Network (Broadband Network). The important thing is now the Existing Fix Network could be connected to IP Network which is more service that the old PSTN network.

One of the biggest operator in Indonesia now would be migrate their Existing Fix Network service to NGN service. The most important thing to support this technology is develop and provide the human resources, that's is the intension ZTE – IT Telkom Asian Pacific R&D and Training Center to provide such kind of Telco Training.

At most 5 qualified person will be provided OJT in Telco Company to work as an engineer for our NGN Project.

MSAG (Multi-Service Access Gateway) for NGN Engineer

Term :
  1. Bachelor Degree From Telco, Electrical, Informatics Engineering preferred
  2. Willing to be place all over ZTE Project in Indonesia
  3. Good English and communication skill
  4. Smart and fast learner
  5. Loyal and diligent (Stable in one position)
  6. Telecom background or experiences are preferable

Opportunities :
  1. Salary
  2. Bonus
  3. Allowance

How to join Engineer Development Program (ED Program) ?
  1. Fill the registration form (you could download at http://www.zte-ittelkom.com or request the registration form by email: info@zte-ittelkom.com or come to ZTE-IT TELKOM Aspac R&D and Training Center Office)
  2. Fill and return the registration form to info@zte-ittelkom.com before February, 11th 2010.
  3. We will contact the candidate who already registered before the training begins. All the candidates have been registered please come to ZTE-IT TELKOM Training Center (Kampus IT TELKOM, Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 Terusan Buah Batu Bandung 40257, Telp : 022-75154990 / 085692039903).

Source : http://www.zte-ittelkom.com

Post Date : 2 February 2010

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